Equipping Christians to be Gospel-Centered Citizens


Hi, I’m Josh Hershberger, an attorney, minister and speaker. I started BCI to challenge and equip church leaders and other committed Christians to confidently live out the Gospel in public life. The goal? To transform our communities, states and nation through the power of the Gospel. 


Most church leaders and other committed Christians I meet desire to build relationships with their elected officials and impact the life of their city, state and nation with the Gospel. But, cultural pressure, partisan politics and culture warring have left many Christians and especially church leaders conflicted about their role in public life. 

They ask these questions: “Should we engage at all?,” “Haven’t we lost the culture war?” and “How can we engage elected officials and public life without jeopardizing the Gospel?”

I launched Bold Church Initiative to answer these questions and to equip church leaders and other committed Christians to faithfully and effectively engage public life in our post-Christian culture (Matt. 28:16-20; Matt. 5:16). 


Step #1:

Reimagine Your Role in Public Life

Think through the church’s four roles in public life and determine to live them out.

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Step #2:

Master Apologetics & Know the Law 

Stay current on cultural apologetics and legal standards so you can confidently impact public life.

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Build Relationships with Officials

Be intentional about praying for, meeting with and partnering with your elected officials.

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Step #4:

Impact Community Problems

Strategically identify and work with others to solve your community’s worst problems.

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Step #5:

Champion Biblical Solutions

Seek the common good in the public square by confidently promoting Biblical principles.

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We regularly speak at churches and at events on confidently living out the Gospel in public life.


We create resources to assist the church in impacting communities and the public square.

Legal Partnerships

We legally partner with ministries so they can confidently focus on impacting their communities.

Download an E-Book we’ve written for you.

The Good Citizen

Do you want to impact your community and engage in public life without jeopardizing the gospel? In this ebook, The Good Citizen, we’ll walk you through five practical steps to becoming a gospel-centered citizen in post-Christian America.


Here are our latest blog posts and podcast episodes:


#101 First: 5 Lessons from Adoniram and Ann Judson

They are considered America's first foreign missionaries; and, their story of dedication, sacrifice, adventure and triumph is one for the ages. Here are 5 lessons from the lives of Adoniram and Ann Judson: Surrender is CompleteScripture is Your CompassSuffering will...

#100 Addiction Recovery with Mayor Mike Ochs, Pastor Caleb Reynolds and Pastor Kent Stroud

It sounds like the start of a bad joke... a Baptist minister, a Wesleyan minister and a Nazarene minister all walked into city hall. But, the gospel impact these pastors are making in North Vernon, Indiana is no laughing matter. I was recently invited to attend a...

#99 Keys to Gospel-Centered Citizenship with John Stonestreet

I recently had the opportunity to interview John Stonestreet, the President of the Colson Center for Christian Worldview, about gospel-centered citizenship in post-Christian America. If you are unfamiliar with John's work and especially the Breakpoint podcast, he is...

#98 The P.E.A.C.E. Plan for Community Impact with Pastor Bob Hicks

Many church leaders and other committed Christians are familiar with Rick Warren, Saddleback Church and the Purpose-Driven Church movement. But, did you know that this movement of churches has a very specific and effective plan for transforming communities (and even...

#97 The Daniel Manual: 5 Key Principles for a Courageous Life

Most of our listeners are familiar with the life of Daniel. In fact, you might have learned about Daniel and the lion's den via flannel graph (did anyone else experience the ol' flannel graph?) in Sunday school. But, given the pressures of our times, his life and...

#96 How to Impact Jail Overcrowding with Representative Randy Frye

Jail overcrowding is an issue that appears insignificant at first glance. However, individuals incarcerated by the state for alleged crimes and actual crimes are human beings with inherent dignity. And, for health and safety reasons, they should not be stuffed into...

#95 What Would You Say? with Joseph Backholm

Culture is changing at warp speed, and many Christians are uncertain how to answer many of culture's toughest questions. Well, we have some good news. Today, the Colson Center for Christian Worldview is launching a new video series titled "What Would You Say?"...

#94 How to Impact the Foster Care Crisis with Doug Weinberg

James 1:27 reminds us that, "Pure religion and undefiled before God and the Father is this, to visit the fatherless and widows in their affliction..." Therefore, we should deeply care about orphans and about children in foster care. On any given day, more than...

#93 Introducing The Good Citizen Podcast

Today, we are officially rebranding The Bold Church Podcast to (drumroll, please) The Good Citizen Podcast, a podcast designed to equip church leaders and other committed Christians to be gospel-centered citizens in post-Christian America! Quick housekeeping matter:...

#92 Remember Your Ruler: 3 Reminders for a New School Year

We're back from our summer break! And, don't miss next week's episode because we will be announcing an exciting change to the podcast! Now, back to this episode! Most students around the country are headed back to school or have already started classes. And, these...

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