Equipping church leaders and other committed Christians to maximize their gospel impact in local communities and the public square.

Hi, I’m Josh Hershberger, an attorney, minister and speaker. I equip and encourage church leaders and other committed Christians to strategically impact their communities and to confidently navigate public life.


Every church leader I’ve met desires to lead an outwardly focused church that is having significant Gospel impact in its community. And, every committed Christian I’ve met wants to make a key difference in her or his sphere of influence. But, that’s easy to say and hard to do. There are several complex obstacles (both internal and external) that frustrate church leaders and Christians and prevent them from having this kind of impact.

Further, every church leader and committed Christian I’ve met expresses concern about religious freedom and the future of the United States. They want to see religious liberty and the American republic preserved for future generations. But, “culture warring,” uncertainty about the biblical role of the church (as a movement of believers) in public life and the heated nature of our public discourse leave many church leaders and committed Christians with big questions about the intersection of faith and public life.

It’s time to think through these complex problems and to do the hard, smart work of serving our way back to the center of our cities, states and nation. It’s time to be BOLD outside our walls. Here’s how:  


Step #1:

Overcome Common Obstacles

Identify and overcome the common obstacles that frustrate the Church’s impact.

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Master Key Skill Sets

Master three skills sets that are essential for having an outsized impact in your community and in public life.

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Step #3:

Maximize Your Impact

Maximize your influence and your Church’s impact by following a strategic and proven plan.

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Step #1:

Identify Your Calling

Identify or recover God’s unique calling on your life for this incredible moment in human history.

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Step #2:

Master 3 Skill Sets

Master three skill sets that are essential for impacting your community and the public sqaure in changing times.

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Step #3:

Maximize Your Impact

Connect your calling to your corner of the world and its deepest needs with an emphasis on gospel impact.

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We Can Help With…


We regularly speak at churches and at events on increasing the Church’s Gospel impact outside its walls.


We work with churches  to help them maximize their Gospel impact in their communities and in the public square.

Legal Partnerships

We partner with ministries so they can confidently focus on reaching their ministry goals.
Download an E-Book we’ve written for you.

The Bold Christian

Do you, as a committed Christian, want to make a significant difference in the life of your city or neighborhood? In this ebook, The Bold Christian, we’ll walk you through three steps to maximum Gospel impact in your city.

The Bold Church

Do you, as a church leader, want to maximize your influence and your church’s impact in your community? In this ebook, The Bold Church, we’ll walk you through three steps to maximum Gospel impact in your community.

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