Equipping Christians to be Gospel-Centered Citizens in Post-Christian America


Hi, I’m Josh Hershberger, an attorney, minister and speaker. I started BCI to challenge and equip church leaders and other committed Christians to confidently live out the Gospel in public life. The goal? To transform our communities, states and nation through the power of the Gospel. 


Most church leaders and other committed Christians I meet desire to build relationships with their elected officials and impact the life of their city, state and nation with the Gospel. But, cultural pressure, partisan politics and culture warring have left many Christians and especially church leaders conflicted about their role in public life. 

They ask these questions: “Should we engage at all?,” “Haven’t we lost the culture war?” and “How can we engage elected officials and public life without jeopardizing the Gospel?”

I launched Bold Church Initiative to answer these questions and to equip church leaders and other committed Christians to faithfully and effectively engage public life in our post-Christian culture (Matt. 28:16-20; Matt. 5:16). 


Step #1:

Reimagine Your Role in Public Life

Think through the church’s four roles in public life and determine to live them out.

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Step #2:

Master Apologetics & Know the Law 

Stay current on cultural apologetics and legal standards so you can confidently impact public life.

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Build Relationships with Officials

Be intentional about praying for, meeting with and partnering with your elected officials.

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Step #4:

Impact Community Problems

Strategically identify and work with others to solve your community’s worst problems.

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Step #5:

Champion Biblical Solutions

Seek the common good in the public square by confidently promoting Biblical principles.

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We regularly speak at churches and at events on confidently living out the Gospel in public life.


We create resources to assist the church in impacting communities and the public square.

Legal Partnerships

We legally partner with ministries so they can confidently focus on impacting their communities.

Download an E-Book we’ve written for you.

The Good Citizen

Do you want to impact your community and engage in public life without jeopardizing the gospel? In this ebook, The Good Citizen, we’ll walk you through five practical steps to becoming a gospel-centered citizen in post-Christian America.


Here are our latest blog posts and podcast episodes:


#91 3 Lessons from Platt’s Prayer for the President

Two quick housekeeping matters: (1) The Bold Church Podcast is going on summer break so we can retool and rebrand for the fall! (2) Josh has joined the Daniel Initiative, a new Gospel-centered effort to build relationships with elected officials and impact public life...

#90 Changing the Spiritual Temperature at the Iowa Capitol with Greg Baker

CBN recently ran a story titled "'Spiritual Temperature' at Iowa State Capitol 'At an All-Time High' as Pastors Pray with Lawmakers," which highlighted the Church Ambassador Network (CAN) (a ministry of The (Iowa) Family Leader) and especially the work of Greg Baker....

#89 The Future of Christian Education

The task of discipling the next generation in the Christian faith is a critical and increasingly complex one. In this episode, I address the purpose, obstacles and goal of Christian education in changing times. Here is a list of potential goals for educational systems...

#88 Artificial Intelligence, Gender Identity and other Tough Questions with Dr. Evan Lenow

Church leaders and other committed Christians now face a series of complex and culturally sensitive questions that would have been inconceivable to Christians a hundred years ago. So, how should we navigate these questions without losing our confidence or jeopardizing...

#87 Don’t Worship the Donkey

Christians across the world are celebrating Easter this weekend. Because of this, I wanted to share a really, really profound insight about Easter (so profound that you should be prepared to comment with a "mind-blown" emoji). Here it is: Easter is a supernatural...

#86 The Equality Act: 3 Things You Should Know

The Equality Act (H.R.5) is (at the time of the publication of this episode) in committee in the U.S House of Representatives. For a full description and the text of the bill, click here. Here are 3 things that church leaders and other committed Christians should know...

#85 How to Evict Homelessness from Your Community with Brenna and Vinal Lee

Homelessness is the root cause of many other problems in our communities. For example, homelessness can cause health issues and drug addiction and is a driving force in the foster care crisis (parents who have their children removed by a court are generally required...

#84 How to Have Texas-Sized Community Impact with Robby Greene

You've heard the phrase, "Everything's bigger in Texas." Well, the church highlighted in this episode is making a Texas-sized and, more importantly, cross-shaped difference in its community! In this interview with Robby Greene of Lavon Drive Baptist Church in Garland,...

#83 5 Lessons from Patrick of Ireland

Do you keep an old sermon tape or sermon file around? You know, the one that God used to speak to your heart in a tough time or to provide direction in a critical decision? As you know, there are some sermons that are just timeless. Well, here's a sermon like that....

#82 Is Evangelism Wrong in a Diverse Society? with Ben Schettler, Part 2

In a recent poll, half of Millennials who consider themselves practicing Christians agreed with this statement: "It is wrong to share one's personal beliefs with someone of a different faith in hopes that they will one day share the same faith." Though polling is...

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Among the political charters penned through the ages, few if any are as venerated or as important as the American Declaration of Independence. With 1458 words, 13 colonies threw off the shackles of the old world and laid the groundwork for a new experiment in ordered...

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