From the Old Testament prophets and kings to the current controversy over Trump’s “court evangelicals” (such as Paula White), the relationship between the throne and the altar has always been a thorny and complex one–prone to misunderstanding and even abuse by one or both institutions.

So, what does Scripture say about this relationship? And, how can we successfully apply these principles now and engage government in a Biblical way? To answer these questions, we have a return guest: Greg Baker, the Director of the Church Ambassador Network at The Family Leader in Iowa and the Director of The Daniel Initiative (a similar effort that has now launched in 10 states from Arizona to Florida to New Hampshire). Greg’s work has drawn national attention and has even been highlighted by CBN news.

In this discussion, we do a deep dive on three perennial questions:

  1. What is the role of the church (as it relates to public life)?
  2. What is the role of the state?
  3. How should these two God-ordained institutions interact?

For more information about the Family Leader and the Church Ambassador Network, access their website here.