For many Americans, the Resurrection is “old” news. Most of our neighbors know that Christians claim that Christ rose from the dead. Perhaps our non-Christian neighbors simply find the claim incredulous. Perhaps they have closely studied the evidence and rejected the claim. But, I would venture to say that most of them just don’t care. They are too busy or too distracted to spend much time pondering Christianity’s core claim.

For this reason, we must show our neighbors why something (like Easter) is important before we can show them why its true. Here are three reasons why Easter is important for the here and now as well as the hereafter:

  1. Everyone says there is no truth, but Easter says there is a tomb. 
  2. Everyone says this world is everything, but Easter says the tomb is empty.
  3. Everyone says that truth cannot last, but Easter says the tomb lost.

For these reasons, we can work, we can live, we can suffer and we can even die in hope. For these reasons, everyone needs Easter.