Easter is great. People you’ve never seen before or haven’t seen in a while seem to just spontaneously appear at church! I trust that you and your church are encouraged and are working hard to capitalize on the momentum of Easter. Here are three quick tips for using this momentum to build outward focus:

  1. Communicate the Goal. Sometimes, church leaders inadvertently communicate that they want new people to help them build their church. This is the wrong message. I discuss the right one.
  2. Add an Expectation. People often rise to the level of our expectations. Let’s give them a new expectation.
  3. Engage through Opportunities. Most people want to help. They just don’t know what to do. Let’s fix that.

Key Takeaways:

  • Be less concerned about what people are saying and more concerned about what people are hearing.
  • Gregg Farrell, pastor of Crossland Community Church, focuses on two relationships and two responsibilities for every Christian. Relationships: (1) Christ (worship services) and (2) other Christians (small group). Responsibilities: (1) church (serve in the church) and (2) community (serve in the community).
  • Sad eulogy for Pollard Baptist Church (which is closing), “They always preached the Bible, but it…fell more out of touch with the community it served.”
  • We do not want, as the newspapers say, a church that will move with the World. We want a church that will move the world. -G.K. Chesterton

How are you using your church’s Easter momentum to build outward focus?