Elections, like Christmas, seem to be coming earlier and earlier each year (full disclosure, our Christmas tree was up two weeks ago). Though the 2020 general election is a little less than a year away, it is already front and center in public life.

And, 2020 is shaping up to be an incredibly divisive and difficult year. Our national argument–I mean conversation–continues to grow sharper and louder. Our society is defaulting back to socio-political tribalism, and our shared values and national identity continue to fade out.

That said, as Christians, we are called to proclaim and live out the gospel in every area of our lives (Matthew 28:16-20; Matthew 5:16), including in our role as citizen. But, how exactly are we supposed to do that in an increasingly polarized and post-Christian society? Here’s how.

  1. Understand Biblical Principles
  2. Know Your History
  3. Study Your Government
  4. Be a Good Citizen

Key Takeaways:

  • Why Thanksgiving is my favorite American holiday (which may or may not be motivated by a turkey attacking me as a child!).
  • The proper role of church and state and how they have been conflated over the centuries.
  • An all-star line up of Christian citizens down through the ages and what they can teach us as American citizens.
  • An application of Biblical principles about government to the American democratic republic.
  • Guiding principles on how to apply your faith to your role as citizen in 2020!