Money, Money, Money! Ministry efforts require dollars to operate. Dollars, in turn, are limited, and churches have to carefully allocate dollars to maximize their ministry impact. That is why this episode is dedicated to the concept of financing community impact. Stated differently, if we are going to maximize our impact in the community, how in the world are we going to pay for it? Here are four answers:

  1. Don’t Finance Community Impact. It’s Often Free!
  2. Repurpose Outreach Dollars to Community Impact – Don’t cry heresy yet! If community impact (or any other outreach method) is more effective than other outreach methods, it should be prioritized.
  3. Allocate a Greater Percentage of Your Budget to Community Impact – Your church budget and not your church website is the true measure of what your church loves!
  4. Use Community Impact to Grow Your Budget – People give to vision and not need, so use community impact to show people (including those spendthrift millennials (I am one, so I can say that)) the impact your church is having.

Bonus: How do you communicate about money to your church? I recently preached a sermon to my church about changing our mindset about giving. In short, financial stewardship isn’t about the Church. God could provide for the Church through divine auto-pay or some other means. However, he has asked us to support His work. Why? Because it puts us in a position of trust and generosity in this critical area. Who wants to live a life of trust rather than a life of anxiety about finances? Who wants to leave a legacy of generosity rather than a legacy of greed? I’ll raise my hand to that. Here are the four steps I presented:

  1. Jesus Calls Us to a Curious Story – (The end of every faithful Christian story is “Wow, I can’t believe so-and-so accomplished that! It must have been God!,” not “Wow, look at her or him and what they accomplished.”)
  2. That Story Will Require a Trust Fund
  3. That Fund Will be Built by Healthy Habits
  4. Those Habits Will Lead Us to Generosity

I am really interested in how other churches communicate about finances. How do you preach or communicate about this topic? How do live a life of trust and generosity? Let us know by commenting below!