Outward focus in a church is more like a habit than an achievement. When I finished law school and began my work in ministry, I thought outward focus was a no-brainer. Well, of course the Church’s primary goal is to fulfill the Great Commission. But, I have discovered (as many of you probably have as well) that prioritizing the Great Commission in a Church is kind of like weight loss or debt reduction. It’s a simple concept, but it isn’t easy to achieve and/or maintain. In this episode,we discuss 5 common (and persistent) obstacles to outward focus in a church and some tips for overcoming them. These five obstacles are:

  1. Poor Organizational/Legal Foundation.
  2. Inward Focus (Some might say “No duh, Sherlock; that’s obvious!”; well, we are talking about human behavior here.)
  3. Poor Conflict Resolution
  4. Fear
  5. Apathy

Key takeaways:

  • I am joined by my wife, Carissa Hershberger (a pk and current church leader), and she relates some stories about inward focus.
  • The 7 key Bylaw provisions that churches should review/update.
  • A story about Josh eating an earthworm for a kid’s event.
  • An explanation of Josh’s statement that the Church is legally, culturally and intellectually intimidated.
  • Inspiration rather than confrontation is the solution to apathy.

What are some common obstacles to outward focus in your church? Let us know by commenting below or emailing us at info@theboldchurch.com