Do you keep an old sermon tape or sermon file around? You know, the one that God used to speak to your heart in a tough time or to provide direction in a critical decision? As you know, there are some sermons that are just timeless.

Well, here’s a sermon like that. Except that this sermon isn’t just old–it’s ancient–1600 years ancient to be more precise. Nevertheless, this inspiring sermon, preached by the words and deeds of a fellow Christian, still speaks volumes about forgiveness, courage, faith and passion for the Gospel.

The preacher? Patrick of Ireland, commonly known as St. Patrick, who was actually English and did not run snakes (plural) out of Ireland but did his best to run the Snake out of Ireland.

While reading Patrick’s Confessio (“Confession”; his autobiography, which is 62 paragraphs long–what, a great preacher that was also brief?), I was struck by 5 key lessons from his life. In this sermon, I explain the highlights of Patrick’s life and explain those 5 key lessons:

  1. Guidance Comes in Disguise
  2. Christ’s Call above All
  3. Expect Fierce Friendly Fire
  4. Courage Comes from the King
  5. Greatness is Colored Green

I strongly encourage you to read the translation of Patrick’s Confessio, which you can access for free here.