You’ve heard the phrase, “Everything’s bigger in Texas.” Well, the church highlighted in this episode is making a Texas-sized and, more importantly, cross-shaped difference in its community!

In this interview with Robby Greene of Lavon Drive Baptist Church in Garland, Texas, we discuss (1) leading an established church toward greater outward focus, (2) connecting members to that vision, and (3) having an outsized impact in a church’s zip code by thinking outside the box (and the church building).

Key Takeaways

  • In an age of short pastoral tenure (slowly changing for the better), Pastor Greene has served in the same ministry for almost 22 years.
  • Great thought: “The address of your church is not an accident.” As the demographics around LVBC have changed, the church has worked prayerfully and diligently to reach new groups.
  • How Pastor Greene changed the concept of missions at LVBC from just sending money and missionaries around the world to doing that and serving people down the street.
  • An amazing story about a prominent pediatric dentist, Dr. Grace Smart, coming to Christ through LVBC, dedicating herself to missions work and now leading the Grace Center (a clearinghouse of services for the indigent and underserved) in Garland and the surrounding area.
  • An answer to prayer while Pastor Greene was running church buses to take homeless people to cold-weather shelters.
  • Most churches struggle with volunteers. The Grace Center has helped many LVBC members connect their daily work or profession with serving their church and the city.
  • How connections with city leaders helped with a legal hurdle the church faced.
  • Billboard statement: “One Mission.”