Ever wonder what a Mayor thinks about the presence and impact of churches in a community? Well, meet Mayor Damon Welch, who is in his second 4-year term as Mayor of Madison, Indiana. Under his leadership, Madison has been named as a finalist in the national “America’s Best Communities” competition for successfully re-imagining its future and reinvigorating economic growth and has been awarded a coveted, highly competitive Stellar grant from the state of Indiana for key projects.

We sat down with Mayor Welch to discuss his call into public life and his view on the impact of churches in Madison and the surrounding area. Our conversation focused on the following:

  1. His call into public life and how he applies his faith in his position as Mayor.
  2. The greatest opportunities and challenges in Madison.
  3. How churches have helped, have hurt and can increase their impact in the future.

Key takeaways:

  • The greatest problem and therefore the greatest opportunity in Madison is the drug problem.
  • This sentiment is echoed by Mayors that he is talking to around the country.
  • The “hole” where churches can help the most is prevention. People need hope and community to keep them out of a lifestyle of drugs.
  • In his opinion, many churches are so involved in their church activities that they do not get involved in their community.

Learn more about Mayor Welch here.