How can a church have significant impact in a community that is filled with churches? Further, how can an established/historic church maximize its impact in a community?

In this episode, I discuss these questions with Pastor Charles Moore of First Baptist Church of Paducah, Kentucky. FBC Paducah has been around for 175 years, and its (former) church building was even used as a hospital during the civil war!

FBC Paducah was/is known as the “city’s church,” is attended by the city’s police and fire chief and broadcasts its services on local television.

Pastor Moore and I discuss the following:

  1. How he processes ministering in a town with so much “competition”
  2. The decline of cultural Christianity and the growing spiritual need in the American South
  3. How FBC Paducah has recently invested in/impacted its community (including fundraising tips and other great ideas)
  4. Plans for the future

Though this is not included in the podcast, a member of FBC Paducah (who was inspired by the church’s renewed emphasis on community impact) just ran for and won a spot on the Paducah City Commission!