What do a Christian retail worker in NYC, a questioning Uber Driver, a tattooed convert and a little girl headed to Disney World have in common? They are all great examples given by apologist/cultural missionary Ben Schettler in this conversation about persuasion and cultural engagement in changing times. In this episode, we focus on the topics in Ben’s new book (coming out later this year) titled Responsible: A 21st Century Handbook on Cultural Engagement.

Ben describes the “Big Four” issues/topcs that every Christian should be prepared to discuss with their neighbors:

  1. The Existence of God
  2. The Authority of Scripture 
  3. The Problem of Evil
  4. The Resurrection 

Because these are such big topics, we focused in on practical answers to the problem of evil. Here are some key takeaways from the episode:

  • Ben states, “An unprepared Christian is a disobedient Christian.” -I Peter 3:15
  • Because many people are operating from different frameworks/worldviews, we must constantly ask “what do you mean by that?” Ben uses the word “love” as an example.
  • The best illustration I (Josh) have heard about telling people in our culture that God’s objective truth is better than their subjective “truth.” 
  • A great reminder to take responsibility for the United States because we are citizens of the United States.
  • An observation that many Christians live like Buddhists, which is an escapist religion.
  • Ben produces a video series titled The Curious Conversation, which gives understandable answers to difficult objections to the Christian faith. Here’s one on the common question of whether or not all religions are the same.

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