CBN recently ran a story titled “‘Spiritual Temperature’ at Iowa State Capitol ‘At an All-Time High’ as Pastors Pray with Lawmakers,” which highlighted the Church Ambassador Network (CAN) (a ministry of The (Iowa) Family Leader) and especially the work of Greg Baker.

Greg serves as the Vice President of Church Engagement at The Family Leader and is responsible for launching and leading a new, Gospel-centered effort to build relationships with elected officials and impact public life.

This effort has been so successful that it has caught the attention of the national news media and is now being reproduced in 9 states.

In this episode, I talk to Greg about the following:

  • His experience in politics
  • The tension he experienced between Gospel ministry and political engagement and how this sparked the idea behind CAN.
  • How he disciples elected officials in their personal relationship with Christ and in their role as ministers of the state (Romans 13).
  • The profound impact this is having on the public life of the state of Iowa.
  • How CAN is using a small-group model borrowed from a local church to reproduce itself.
  • An explanation of his billboard statement, “GO.”
  • A discussion about a very impressive but still troubling doll collection of all of the spouses of Iowa governors from the founding of the state to the present (pictured below).