Reaching out to the town hall for the first time can be intimidating. But, what if your “town hall” is in the form of a 28-story city-county building? That’s a tall order!

In this episode, Pastor Tim Lindsey II discusses the practical steps he took to connect with the leaders of his city and to become the informal chaplain to city-county government officials in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Here are some of the steps he mentions:

  1. Start local.
  2. Connect via public email (he sends out notices that he is praying for officials and receives something like an 80% response rate from city-county officials).
  3. Establish a presence by showing up to ask how you can pray and help.
  4. Presence leads to opportunities, so seize them when they materialize.

Key takeaways:

  • Tim Lindsey II is connected with Public Servants Prayer, a fantastic ministry focused on public officials in the Indiana Statehouse and elsewhere. Matt Barnes, the founder of Public Servants Prayer, is a former podcast guest.
  • Pastor Lindsey discovered that no one was serving in a chaplaincy role in the City-County building.
  • He requested the opportunity to hold a Bible study and prayer time, and he received a positive response inĀ two days.
  • He discussed the benefits of using the word “chaplain.”
  • He explains an amazing opportunity he had to minister to city leaders during an especially divisive meeting.
  • Billboard statement: “Change the world one prayer at a time.”

Photo credit: By Momoneymoproblemz [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], from Wikimedia Commons