Most orthodox Christian churches and institutions continue to wrestle with how to winsomely express Biblical teachings on sexuality and gender. In fact, one Missouri church recently discovered that even a winsome and loving sermon on the Christian sexual ethic and especially gender roles can invite scrutiny and censure.

For this reason, we need examples of speaking with grace and truth that we can learn from and follow.

Well, meet Isabella Chow, who is an incredible example of speaking the truth in love. In fact, her clear and compassionate explanation of Scriptural principles remains a masterclass in cultural apologetics.

Here’s a brief reminder about her story. In November of 2018, this student senator at UC Berkeley abstained from voting for a resolution condemning the Trump administration’s decision to revert the definition of sex in Title IX to biological sex (this had been changed without an act of Congress under the previous administration). In summary, she declined to support a pro-LGBTQ resolution and then explained her decision. Here’s an article with the full text of her statement.

As you can probably imagine, a firestorm ensued. In this interview, I asked Isabella about her experience at UC Berkeley, her spiritual formation, what she is doing now and what the church can learn from her experience.

Four observations about/lessons from Isabella’s statement:

  • She began with an affirmation of equal human dignity
  • She referenced relationships built prior to the crisis
  • She clearly explained the Biblical sexual ethic
  • She explained that Biblical truth concerning sexuality is good for everyone, not just Christians.