Churches are often distracted from their Gospel mission by internal church conflict–conflict that is fueled by Bullies, Brats and Babies. Bold churches must engage these problem members if they are going to reach their full ministry potential. Here is our advice on dealing with Bullies, Brats and Babies:

#1 Bullies: Constructively Engage Them but Prepare for War.

Bullies try to use their power to selfishly rather than selflessly direct the focus of the church.

Church leaders must engage bullies for the sake of the Gospel.The refusal to engage a bully empowers the bully to continue to distract the church from its ministry goals. Pastors are not just chaplains; they are tasked with the spiritual responsibility to courageously lead their church.  If necessary, prepare for war-meaning that church leaders should prepare for a church conflict and even legal conflict to protect the vital mission of the church. Some battles are just worth fighting.

Quote from Brian: “Leadership is mostly about doing hard things.”

#2 Brats: Don’t enable them. Rather inspire them with a Gospel focus.

A brat is an entitled person that goes limp or throws a fit when they do not get their way in the church.

Church leaders should hold this person accountable. Gently, lovingly and firmly pull the brat aside and correct their behavior.

Inspire them. A brat may be someone that has lived comfortably in a Christian bubble for most of their life. Seize the teaching moment. Church isn’t about us. Church is about the Great Commission. Scripture calls us to give up our dreams, our preferences and our lives to follow the way of Jesus. Ask them”What is your problem?” “What problem in the world breaks your heart?” Help them see the need, and call them to service.

#3 Babies: Love them-just don’t let them run the place.

A baby is an immature Christian (regardless of the length of time as a Christian) that creates problems in the church. Meet them where they are. Teach them. Love them. But, church leaders must not let them interfere with the mission. Babies should not be in leadership positions or in positions of influence in the church.