Most churches experience some form of drama throughout the year, but we aren’t talking about that kind of drama. In this episode, we discuss the tool of theater and how to use it effectively to connect with your community at Christmastime. During this time of year, people turn their thoughts to family, community and “big” ideas like purpose and meaning. For a brief few weeks, people take a breath to think about and enjoy life. In short, this is the best time of year to harness the power of story to connect with your community and win people to Christ.

Our guest for this episode is Carissa Hershberger, the owner of Shine Studio, a worship leader/creative arts director at Cornerstone Baptist in Hanover, Indiana and an accomplished theater director.

In this episode, you will discover:

  • How story “turns off” our persistent state of distraction
  • How to select a relevant story that will impact your community
  • How to schedule a production to maximize attendance from the community and not just your church
  • How to inspire and train volunteer actors

As a bonus, you’ll here about a really embarrassing story that involves Josh Hershberger (the host), a live play and a whoopie cushion.

You can contact Carissa Hershberger at