I have a pet peeve, and it has to do with this word: “faithfulness.” Every mature Christian I know deeply desires to hear these words from Christ: “Well done, good and faithful servant.” But, some church leaders and committed Christians (including this one) sometimes use the concept of faithfulness as an excuse to stay in their comfort zone.

Here’s what I mean. I sometimes speak with struggling churches that are having a difficult time impacting their community and retaining young families. What do they say in response to this decline? “Well, we are just going to be faithful.”

Now, I am all for an Alamo-like, steely, we-will-go-to-the-stake-before-we compromise type of defense of the Gospel. It’s just that a bunker mentality concerning contextualization and especially community impact is not faithfulness. It is fearfulness.

In this sermon, I explore the parable of the talents and explain why faithfulness is not a position, but a direction–forward. Stated differently, Gospel ministry is a little bit like riding a bike: you can’t do it standing still. Here are the three big thoughts about Luke 19:

  • This Was Jesus’ 2019
  • Then Came Counting Time
  • The Crux of the Matter

Big Idea: Faithfulness is not a Comfort Zone!