The pace of change is quite dizzying these days, and the advanced modern merry-go-round is only getting faster. Electronic cars, automation, artificial intelligence, 3-D printed organs, hopes for a colony on Mars–these developments are all quite exciting until you try to make sense of the world and your place in it. So, what should we (as disciples of Jesus who want to make a difference in said fast-spinning world) do?

Well, we should coddiwomple.

I discovered this word recently, and it means to “walk purposefully in an as yet unknown direction.” I love it! Why? Because it perfectly describes the behavior of those who follow the way of Jesus.

In this sermon, I dive into I John 2:3-11 and this passage’s application to three big issues: identity, purpose and direction. Here are the main points:

  • The Nosy Disciple Detector
  • Next-Door Purpose and
  • Not-So-Direct Direction

Key takeaways:

  • Quote from Them: We Hate Each Other and How to Heal by Ben Sasse: “In the midst of extraordinary prosperity, we’re also living through a crisis. Our communities are collapsing, and people are feeling more isolated, adrift, and purposeless than ever before.”
  • Another quote from Sasse: “We’re killing ourselves, both on purpose and accidentally. These aren’t deaths from famine, or poverty, or war. We’re literally dying of despair.”
  • An explanation of why Christ’s invitation to follow Him is the key to our identity, purpose and direction in changing times.
  • So, don’t waffle, wample!