Jail overcrowding is an issue that appears insignificant at first glance. However, individuals incarcerated by the state for alleged crimes and actual crimes are human beings with inherent dignity. And, for health and safety reasons, they should not be stuffed into cells designed to hold far fewer inmates.

Further, the fact that many communities are expending significant resources to build larger jails signals a much deeper problem. And what is that problem? Well (and just call me Sherlock) more people are committing crimes that, under current laws, merit incarceration!

And, why is that? Well, in many places, the increased incarceration rate is a result of the opioid epidemic and larger drug crisis. And, why are more people turning to drugs? Well, for many, it is loneliness and hopelessness.

In this episode, I discuss the issue of jail overcrowding, its causes, and the larger social trends it exposes with Representative Randy Frye, who represents District 67 in Indiana and who is spearheading efforts to address jail overcrowding.

Key Takeaways:

  • I interviewed Representative Frye at his farm in southeast Indiana, and his farm includes an intriguing piece of Indiana history.
  • We discuss the crisis related to jail overcrowding in his district and the steps he is taking to combat that crisis.
  • He talks about how churches can help with this crisis.
  • He details an incredible trip he recently took to Israel (on his own dime) and the courage of a Baptist pastor in Bethlehem.
  • He gives one of the best if not the best answer to my billboard question ever (scout’s honor)! Here’s that question: “If you had a billboard on which to write a message to the “Big C” Church, what you put on it?” You have to listen to the end to catch that!