Every church leader we’ve ever met deeply desires to see their ministry reach its full potential—to maximize their church’s Gospel impact in their community. But, there are often roadblocks that keep a church from realizing that vision. Roadblocks such as poor organizational and legal foundations, church conflict, inward focus, and lack of practical tools and ideas (to name a few) keep churches from having significant impact. Our goal is to help remove these obstacles and to propel churches to greater influence–to help them become indispensable parts of their communities.

To accomplish this goal, we are teaming up with Brian Schuette and Peter Joudry (former podcast guests) to launch the Indispensable Church Conference this fall. While working with churches around the country, our team (attorneys, pastors and speakers) noticed that indispensable churches are churches that are healthy, peaceful and bold. This is why we help churches strengthen their legal and organizational foundation (healthy), build a culture of peacemaking (peaceful) and, ultimately, maximize their Gospel impact (bold). Here are more details on what we will cover in the conference:

#1 Imagine leading a church with a strong organizational foundation.

Churches that have real impact in their communities must first develop a strong foundation. We often compare a church to a rocket (I am fascinated by the new space race between companies like Space X and Blue Origin). You can have great engineers (think ministry leaders) and even a great rocket (think ministry components such as preaching, worship, outreach, etc.); but, if you have a weak launch pad (think legal and organizational foundation), you will experience an explosion rather than exponential growth. This is why a strong legal and organization is so vital to becoming an indispensable church. Through the Healthy Church Initiative led by Brian Schuette, this conference will equip you to:

  • Choose the right form of legal entity
  • Express a clear Gospel mission throughout your legal documents
  • Adopt a strong Constitution & Bylaws
  • Add policies that express your convictions in a practical way
  • Create a culture of peacemaking and accountability

For more information about building a strong legal and organizational foundation, visit the Healthy Church Initiative page here.

#2 Imagine leading a church that “does” conflict well.

Destructive internal conflict is one of the greatest threats to the effectiveness of the Church. It results in disunity, loss of members, reduction in giving, pastoral discouragement and burnout and harm to our witness for Christ. However, conflict is inevitable, and conflict avoidance is unrealistic and ineffective. For these reasons, church leaders should focus on developing a culture of peacemaking rather than a culture of peace (Matthew 5:9). What’s the difference between peace and peacemaking? A peacemaking church recognizes the inevitability of conflict and engages it in a constructive manner, while a merely peaceful church seeks to avoid conflict, by ignoring it and hoping it will go away. Peacemaking churches understand that the apparent absence of conflict is not the same thing as the actual presence of peace, and the peacemaking church chooses deliberately to engage in redemptive behaviors that deal honestly and effectively with conflict. Through the Peacemaking Church Initiative led by Peter Joudry, this conference will equip you to:
  • Recognize singular instances or cyclical patterns of destructive conflict in your church
  • Prevent these instances of patterns from distracting your church from its Gospel mission
  • Engage current conflict with the ultimate redemptive purpose of restoring Gospel effectiveness

For more information about preventing and resolving conflict, visit the Peacemaking Church Initiative page here.

#3 Imagine leading a church that has significance influence in your community.

Every church leader desires to maximize their Gospel impact in their community. But, this impact is difficult to achieve in a time of mega-change and in a culture that is increasingly indifferent to the Gospel. The temptation in our times is to shrink back—to confine the power of the Gospel to our hearts, homes, pews and pulpits.But that must never happen. Despite the challenges of our times, the Church’s call remains clear—to be BOLD (Acts 4:28-29). We must confidently, joyfully and effectively proclaim the Gospel and live out its power every day everywhere (Matt. 5:16).

Through the Bold Church Initiative, we equip churches with practical tools designed to help them minister with confidence and maximize their Gospel impact. This requires mastery in three main areas:

  • Legal Information: Discover how to successfully navigate legal standards that impact your ministry
  • Practical Apologetics: Discover how to be persuasive in changing times by speaking to the head and heart.
  • Community Involvement: Discover how to become an indispensable part of your community.

To learn more about maximizing your church’s Gospel impact, visit the Bold Church Initiative website.

Our focus at this conference is to equip you with practical tools so you can lead your church to greater impact! For more information about the conference and conference dates/locations, visit the conference website. Hope to see you at a conference soon!