Most church leaders deeply desire to see their ministry reach its full potential—to be everything God intended it to be. But, there is sometimes a gap between that vision and the church’s current effectiveness. Issues such as church conflict, inward focus, mission drift, poor organizational and legal foundations, personnel problems and lack of clarity (to name a few) keep churches from having maximum Gospel impact.

The goal of Bold Church Initiative is to help churches close that gap and to thrive in carrying out the Great Commission. How? Our plan is to (1) equip leaders with practical tools, (2) help churches build strong ministry foundations and (3) equip churches with tools and strategies designed to maximize their Gospel impact.

Because every church is different, there is no one-size-fits all approach to building a church with extraordinary impact. But, as we have led ministries and worked with many church leaders, we have observed common principles, strategies and tools. Our ebook, The Bold Church: Three Steps to Maximum Gospel Impact is a compilation of those resources.  You can find a free copy of this ebook on our Start Here page.

Our multi-disciplinary team (pastors, attorneys, a leadership coach, an accountant and marketing consultants) works hard to help church leaders (1) assess the impact of their leadership and ministry, (2) chart a course to increasing that impact and (3) lead their church to its full ministry potential.

Sometimes, after a speaking engagement or seminar, we have an opportunity to meet with a pastor or church leader over coffee or dinner. Despite challenges in their ministry, these pastors and church leaders often energetically share with us their God-given dreams for the future of their church and their community. Though we do many things, our ultimate goal is quite simple. We want to help pastors and church leaders turn those dreams into reality.

If we can be of help to your church, please let us know!