The drug crisis is wreaking socio-economic havoc from the holler to the high-rise. Stated differently, the drug problem is the greatest problem in most American cities. It affects families, crime rates, employers, public health and education (to name a few major societal categories). So, how can churches and committed Christians move the needle (pun intended) on this problem?

Well, let me introduce you to Pastor Scott Kollman of New Life Fellowship. His church and the Jefferson House, a recovery home for men, are both doing incredible work and leading in addiction recovery in my community.

Some key takeaways from our conversation:

  • One of my clients came to faith under Scott’s ministry, and it changed her life and her case.
  • Scott overcame his own addiction after coming to faith in Christ and now uses his struggle and eventual success as an example for others.
  • He and his wife started New Life Fellowship because, in their opinion, no other church in the community was effectively reaching people struggling with addictions.
  • Scott is bi-vocational but manages to run a church and a flourishing para-church ministry.
  • He explains that his greatest concern is the children of parents addicted to drugs. If this new generation is not reached prior to picking up their parent’s addiction, the crisis will spiral completely out of control.
  • Many people addicted to drugs do not have basic life skills. Therefore, they need people to walk alongside them, to teach them skills like budgeting and holding down a job and to show them that life can be fulfilling without a drug habit.
  • Tackling the drug problem requires unity in individual churches and coordination among churches.
  • Scott has made such a difference in this area that he now works with the local prosecutor and judges to discuss sentencing and recovery methods!
  • Billboard statement: “It’s Our Problem!” Most Christians want to wish this away or leave it to other people. But, this crisis is affecting everything and presents an amazing opportunity to churches.

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