Many church leaders that I speak to express concern about a growing apathy in their congregation toward spiritual things.This manifests in all sorts of ways. People don’t prioritize church. People don’t see the need to invest their time in the ministries of the church. People don’t see the need to give anymore, etc.

So, what is the root cause of this? Is it just a general, “I don’t care.” No, because people are not equally apathetic. Rather, a major cause of this general lethargy toward spiritual things is the reigning philosophy of our day: personal autonomy. The idea of personal autonomy–that we should be self-directed, self-sufficient and self-fulfilled–is an especially subversive version of the selfishness that is as old as time. Why? Because it has mingled with Christian truth claims, and many Christians are not even aware that they are living their lives according to its dictates.

So, how can we overcome this subversive idea that eventually leaves us either empty or crushed? How can we find and follow a better path-the way of the disciple? I recently addressed this question in a sermon. Here are the main thoughts:

The problem:

  1. Your greatest giant is you.
  2. Your greatest giant is invisible.
  3. Your greatest giant is invincible.

The solution:

You can’t overcome yourself by yourself. So, don’t follow your heart. Follow your Hero.

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