Church planters have a unique opportunity to take the “heartbeat” of their community and to build an outwardly focused ministry that has significant spiritual impact in their community.

Pastor Matthew Sims is a great example of just such a church planter. Pastor Sims planted Charity Baptist Church in Lafayette, Indiana in 2006 and has been making disciples that make a difference ever since. You don’t want to miss an incredible story he shares about the intense internal pressure he faced to compromise on the Great Commission. He is a great example of bold leadership in the face of such pressure!¬†Pastor Sims would never say this, but we all need a dose of the courage he exhibited in this time of crisis in his church!

We discussed:

  1. His call from the plow to the pulpit.
  2. Steps he has taken to build and maintain outward focus.
  3. Current steps he is taking to impact Lafayette.

Key takeaways:

  • Pastor Sims recently attended the “State of the City” address in his city. He was the only pastor in attendance!¬†And, government officials were puzzled by his presence. What an opportunity!
  • Pastor Sims uses the concept of foreign missions to connect his people to the concept of local outreach.

Pastor Sims offered to connect with church leaders that are planting a church or are experiencing similar challenges. His contact info is as follows:

email –

twitter – @msimspreach

Church website –