Pastors and other committed Christians often ask me how they can help solve the drug crisis in their city (this is hitting home everywhere). Some churches and especially established churches are reluctant to engage this issue. Without harrumphing (def. clearing my throat noisily) about stereotypes, the mission of the church and what we are actually accomplishing if we don’t have a place for people struggling with the drug crisis, I will say that I grasp the reality of the situation and especially concerns about safety.

That said, this does not excuse us from developing a strategy to connect with those that struggle with drug addiction so we can connect them to Jesus. Over the last about six months, I have been studying the drug crisis and interviewing key leaders in my community that have dedicated their ministries and careers to this issue.

Let me introduce you to one such person, Cherilyn Miller. As a single mom with two toddlers, God called her to start a recovery home for women. She courageously followed that call, and her ministry, named Ruth Haven, now helps women overcome addiction and develop the life skills they need to thrive.

In this interview, we discuss:

  • Her experience with addiction and her motivation in starting Ruth Haven
  • The greatest challenges in her community
  • Some of Ruth Haven’s greatest success stories
  • How churches and individual Christians can get involved
  • A particular belief/mindset that the church needs to change

How are you and your church impacting the drug crisis? Let us know at or in the comments below.