In this episode, we focus on the question, “Are you and your church proving to your community that Christians are good citizens?” Many church leaders are hesitant when it comes to issues related to the public square. Hasn’t the culture war been lost? Shouldn’t we just focus on the Gospel? In this episode, we work through these tensions and make the case that Gospel-centered citizenship is still a Biblical and necessary task.

Professor William Wagner, our guest for this episode, has a fascinating resume. He is a former federal prosecutor, federal judge, ambassador in Africa and law school professor. He has worked nationally and internationally to defend religious freedom, and he now leads Salt and Light Global, an academic and humanitarian ministry equipping Christians to engage the culture for the glory of God.

#1 The Whole Counsel of God

We are commanded to preach the whole counsel of God (Acts 20:27). Should we be careful of political alliances that jeopardize the church’s witness for political gain? Absolutely. Should we be silent where Scripture speaks clearly? Absolutely not. One of the church’s roles in society is to be its conscience.

#2 Christian Citizenship: We Are the Rulers

Professor Wagner points out that we, as American Christians, have forgotten something important. We have forgotten that our Constitution leaves the ultimate responsibility for the direction and policy of our nation to us, its citizens–not its judges, senators and president. When reading Romans 13 and other Biblical passages about government and authority, we should remember that we are the authority–we are the rulers! This means we cannot just ignore our responsibility as Christian citizens. 

#2 The Future of Religious Freedom

Professor Wagner shares his deep concern for religious freedom on the national and international scene. He encourages Christians and churches to strategically stand for this important right if we want to keep it.

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