You’re familiar with the Nehemiah who rebuilt a wall. Well, meet the Nehemiah Project, a ministry that is fast rebuilding/redeeming an entire neighborhood in a rust-belt city and changing lives in the process. The Nehemiah Project (“TNP”) has been so successful that the local community of Altoona, Pennsylvania has taken repeated notice! TNP is the only faith-based organization to win an award of excellence form the Altoona Blair County Development Association, has been selected as the local charity of the year and given the Committee Choice Award by the Blair Chamber of Commerce! In this episode, we catch up with former podcast guest Peter Joudry (the new CEO of TNP) and discuss the great work of TNP.

So, What does TNP do? Well, TNP, which was started by Transformation Church, has focused its efforts on rebuilding a neglected neighborhood. Among many things, they have rehabbed an old church building and built a “clearinghouse” of services ranging from drug rehabilitation to a food bank to education. Here’s the general outline of our conversation:

  1. How TNP was envisioned and sacrificially started by a single church.
  2. What TNP is doing now and ideas for your community.
  3. TNP’s bold vision for the future.

Key Takeaways:

  • “The church that proves itself to be indispensable in a community will always have favor in the community.” Peter Joudry
  • Presence is key to rebuilding a neighborhood.
  • Pastors should consider themselves the pastor of a community and not just the pastor of a church.
  • Transformation Church decided to focus on one neighborhood (Lower Fairview) instead of the entire community.
  • TNP’s strategy is to build a bridge of credibility and then cross it with the Gospel.
  • We discuss the fascinating idea of expanding the traditional Church ministry model to include faith-based Limited Liability Companies and Non-Profits focused on solving particular problems.  

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