Key Resources

The Bold Church Strategy

Serving our Way Back to the Center of the City. Available on Amazon in print and ebook versions. This book sets out a game plan designed to church leaders and other committed Christians maximize their Gospel impact in their local communities and the public square.

The Good Citizen Podcast

Available on iTunes, Google Podcasts and other podcast services. Designed to equip church leaders and other committed Christians to be gospel-centered citizens in post-Christian America


A video series where in 5 minutes or less we equip you with the info, tips and examples you need to be a great “Outsider”—a disciple that makes a difference outside the Church’s walls. Available on YouTube from Bold Church Initiative. This is geared toward helping church leaders and committed Christians.

Additional Resources

BCI Community Impact Assessment – a questionnaire designed to help you gauge and improve your church’s community impact.

If They Say…You Say – a resource designed to equip you with talking points for some of culture’s toughest questions.

7 Key Facts about Religious Liberty for Ministries – key legal facts ministries should know about.

7 Facts about Religious Liberty in the Marketplace – key legal facts about living out the Christian faith in the marketplace.

Q and Gabe Lyons – this is a community of Christian pastors, thinkers and cultural influencers dedicated to applying Christianity to the common good. – use this tool to gather data on population, family size, income, etc.

Community Foundations – community foundations are grant-making public charities that are dedicated to improving the lives of people in a defined local geographic area. These organizations track community problems and may even have grant money available for church community impact efforts. This website will help you locate one near you.

CityServe – this organization grew out of an incredible effort in Portland, Oregon, and is an example of an organization that trains, equips and resources local churches to live out the Gospel in their communities.

City website or blog – use this resource to keep up with the life of your city.

Local Chamber of Commerce – this organization is tasked with the economic well-being of your community. Why not become a member or at least closely track its publications and concerns?

Rotary Club or Similar Groups of Business Professionals – several pastors I have interviewed joined the Rotary Club or a similar organization to signal that they care about the community. This has led to key relationships and ministry opportunities.

City officials These officials can save you an enormous amount of time and research. They know the day-to-day problems of your community. Get to know them!