How would you answer these questions: “Why should our secular society welcome a church’s involvement in community/cultural problems? Shouldn’t churches just focus on what they do inside their walls?”

In this episode of the The Commonwealth Matters, a public radio program broadcast in many of the major cities in Kentucky, Richard Nelson interviewed Josh Hershberger concerning the questions above and the strategy set out in his new book The Bold Church Strategy: Serving Our Way Back to the Center of the City. Here are some of the highlights of the interview:

  • The Church’s role in an increasingly post-Christian culture
  • Why confident pluralism (and an idea meritocracy) is the best argument for religious liberty
  • How Christians can overcome a latent fear of engaging or reengaging in a community and the public square.
  • A strategy for churches and individual Christians to live out the Gospel with the ultimate goal of making disciples and seeking the common good.

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