I often hear that the church should just “shut up” about anything moral because of the church’s complicity in the Crusades, slavery and systemic discrimination in the American South. I often refer to this problem as the “60s problem” because these events occurred, at least in part, in the 1260s, the 1860s and the 1960s.

You may ask why I am dedicating several episodes to church history. Well, these episodes aren’t really about history. They’re about moral authority. And, as we have seen in recent years, people that reject the church’s moral authority will often disregard Christ’s teaching about eternity.

For this reason, I am diving into the “60s problem” with the goal of equipping church leaders and other committed Christians with “persuasion points” they can use while talking with their neighbors and community leaders.

Here’s the basic outline:

  1. Admit that these events occurred
  2. Point to Jesus and Scripture
  3. Note that all ideologies have been similarly co-opted &
  4. Remind people about the incredible good created by the church

In this episode, I will talk about the first two points and specifically address the Crusades and discrimination in the American South. Here are some highlights:

  • Two reasons that the church’s teaching (especially on sexuality) has changed from respected to “immoral” in my lifetime.
  • A gut-wrenching story about Cape Coast Castle in Ghana.
  • An explanation of the little-known American eugenics movement
  • An explanation of the real ideological source behind systemic discrimination and the hyper-nationalism that ended in the Holocaust