In this episode, Josh interviews Brian Schuette, the managing partner at Crain | Schuette Attorneys and a team member at Bold Church Initiative, about the critical importance of a strong legal foundation.

Brian has assisted numerous churches through the process of updating their Constitution and Bylaws. Though many church leaders know their legal documents are generally important, Brian points out that these documents often play a critical role when a church conflict turns into a legal issue. Brian also notes that most of the church legal documents he reviews are not sufficient to withstand the general rigors of ministry or the current cultural atmosphere. Finally, Brian notes that a Bylaw review is a great way to (1) ensure that your church’s organizational structure reflects the three categories in Acts 6 and to (2) work through tough issues before they become a crisis.

In this episode, you will learn:

  1. The importance of incorporation.
  2. How strong legal documents help churches withstand internal conflict and external pressure.
  3. The three groups mentioned in Acts 6 and how they apply to church governance.
  4. How to use a bylaw review to create unity and cast vision.

Great quote from Brian: “You will learn the importance of your organizational documents either by what they did for your church or what they could have done for your church if you had given them the attention they deserve.”